Multi-purpose applicable

Latisse is not approved for people under the age of 18. Also, it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women Since this is a prescription drug, Latisse should not be used by anyone other than the person to whom it was prescribed. If you wear contact lenses, take them out before using Latisse. Wait 15 minutes after using the drug before putting your contact lenses back in your eyes.

The Spinnanker is ideal applicable for two primary processes - foundation and anchoring. The former e.g. for the foundation of halls and timber houses, the last for slope stabilisation or tensioning a cable way.

A wide spectrum of scope for design is offered by several build-up constructions which are permanently fixed with the ground plate. A preferred application area for the Spinnanker is difficult to access terrain in alpine area.

Gentle use of resources

Load-bearing foundations and anchorage points are quickly installed with the Spinnanker. After the operation the system is easily removed by unscrewing the treaded rods without damaging the ground. The system can be reused again.


Academic proven

The technical implementation, of an established principle which is millionfold proven, passed the critical testing of several technical universities with flying colours. It was proven that high loads can be safely advanced in the ground.


No concrete

The smart, low weight and without heavy equipment installable system do not demand laborious manufacturing processes like excavation, sheathing or concrete filling. Even the boring holding time for hardening of the concrete, which delays the construction process, falls away. Due to that the Spinnanker is the best qualification for your building project. 


Adopted from nature

Inspired by nature we created a new technique for foundation and anchoring. Screwed in treaded rods via the ground plate are holding the load which is comparable with the root system of a tree. Variable bar lengths and different numbers of treaded rods enables the adaption to the particular load. Ductile like the root system, the slim anchoring rods of the Spinnanker are searching its way down into the ground. 


Quick installation with tools

The new anchoring system needs no concrete or other binding material. The Spinnanker consists of a circular ground plate with 6 or 12 treaded rods with a bar length of 2 to 4 meters. The anchoring rods are screwed in with a gear reduced hand-held machine. A centre treaded bolt safeguards the exact position during the installation.


Immediately load-bearing

Directly after screwing in all treaded rods into the ground the anchorage point is immediately load-bearing and at the same moment useable. A skilled labour will need approximately 30 to 45 minutes depending on number of treaded rods, bar length and condition of the soil.


Any ground

The application is mainly for non-cohesive and cohesive ground but not only. Even in snow and ice stream the Spinnanker has an excellent bearing load potential.