The Spinnanker foundation is available in two sizes, two steel grade types and three different bar lengths. Special bar lengths (up to 12 meters) can be installed if necessary. With just a few standardised elements a diversity of variants is offered. With this a trouble-free adaption on different ground conditions and load capacities is possible. Typical working loads each foundation point are 2 to 20 tons.

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Field of application

A wide variety in the field of application is guaranteed. For temporary use e.g. an anchoring point for a snow groomer, for permanent use a foundation for a hall or a timber house.


Rough terrain

The low weight of the machine and the humble additional equipment use indicated another preferred field of application for the Spinnanker foundation: Doing an anchoring point in rough terrain. Examples are foundations for pylons, hunting lodges, slope stabilisation or barriers for torrents and avalanche protection. 


Temporary operation

Easy dismounting and residue-free deconstruction indicates an additional field of application: Temporary operations. Sporting events, anchoring tents, military use (pioneer applications), development aid or civil protection are just a few examples. It is also for all kind of use in the forestry where a residue-free deconstruction is important.  


Permanent use

At this field of application other features are significant. Minor mounting effort, low cost of materials, immediate load-bearing and at the same moment useable, etc. are just some economic advantages against conventional foundations made with concrete. Plenty of installed Spinnankers stand the test in practice.  


Proven technology

More than 10.000 built-in Spinnankers document the reliability of the system. They are successfully used in practice for foundation and anchoring points. Following just a few examples: Halls, carports, noise barriers, timber harvesting, slope stabilisation, etc.




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